Drawing Board

Real-time shared drawing board for any number of people.

Start drawing on our virtual blackboard with colored 'chalk'.
Multiple users may draw on the same board. All clients are efficiently updated with chalk strokes from other users, using Diffusion's time series topics feature.

Open this demo in multiple browsers and connect to the same room to see the real-time updates.

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Demonstrates real-time streaming of live sports odds to the browser.

Diffusion is used to send odds data from a Java control client to a front end built with our JavaScript API. Real-time performance is maintained even with very frequent updates to the streamed data.

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Racing Cars

View live telemetry from a motorsport race.

For this demo, simulated data is streamed from a Java control client running remotely. Streaming real-time telemetry in low-bandwidth conditions is just one example of the many challenges which our customers overcome using Diffusion.

Our time series topics feature is used to provide efficient access to past race data, which can be viewed with a slider control.

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Asset Trader

View and trade on our cross-platform FX trading demo where price feeds, instruments, news and user interactions are all distributed in real time.

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