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Learn how to build Reliable, Efficient IoT Applications ​ Diffusion's patented delta-data technology delivers optimal application performance and resiliency to maximize your application's operational responsiveness, even across bandwidth- constrained or congested networks

"The figures when testing Diffusion were remarkable. We were expecting it to handle 30,000 concurrent connections, but three averages showed 60,000, 80,000 and 102,000. From the initial testing stage onward, we knew that Diffusion would play a critical role in enabling us to extend our business globally."

- Keith Laidlaw CIO at GVC ​

Discover how to Extend the Power of Kafka over the Internet, for your real-time web, mobile, and IoT applications.

“When Kafka is used within an Enterprise, edge communication is less reliable; and scale, data types, and complex operations are big issues -- Diffusion simply works."

- Ben Rogers, CTO, Brenock

Read our latest customer story highlighting the benefits of using Diffusion Cloud to build, test, and go-to-market fast and free!

"We have set-up a completely cloud-based trading platform infrastructure and we developed, tested, and went into production with Diffusion Cloud fast and for free – a huge benefit for a young company.”

- Philipp Roeben Cofounder & CIO, Gratisbroker​

Download our latest TechTalk Note highlighting the benefits of using Diffusion as a Single Point-of-Access for your ’s distributed data model radically simplifies architectural complexity, operational management, & front-end development.

“We needed to build a single piece of code to manage a variety of web transports – Diffusion does that, plus we got a greater than 5 times latency reduction!”

- Matt David Managing Director, Derivco Ipswitch​

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Quickly build real-time, secure, high-performance applications that scale easily and satisfy today's consumer expectations.

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